Contributions are more than welcome.

You can follow the how to build documentation to get your development environment. We provide a fully functional development Vagrant box. With it you will have everything needed to compile Skydive and to run the unit and the functional tests.

Development box

A Vagrant box with all the required dependencies to compile Skydive and run its testsuite is available.

Supported platforms:

  • Windows hosts
  • OS X hosts
  • Linux distributions

Install one of the following hypervisors:

  • VirtualBox (v5.2.10 or v5.2.12)
  • libvirt

Install vagrant (v2.1.1).

Then download the run the Skydive Development Box:

git clone
cd skydive/contrib/dev
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Note: As the Skydive sources will be shared between the host and the guest you need to ensure that the firewall allows the NFS traffic on the host.

How to compile and test

Once logged you just need to go to the Skydive source folder and to run make install

cd src/
make install

Now we have a fresh compiled Skydive binary we can start it using the standalone mode.

SKYDIVE_ANALYZER_LISTEN= SKYDIVE_ETCD_DATA_DIR=/tmp sudo -E ~/bin/skydive allinone

API and WeUI are availble from the host at this address :

How to test WebUI modifications

The Skydive WebUI is embedded within the binary. In order to not have to re-compile the binary each time you want to test modifications, Skydive has to be compiled using the debug target. To build the target in debug mode, set the DEBUG environment variable to true

export DEBUG=true
make install

Using this mode, assets will be read directly from the disk instead of using the bundled ones. A browser refresh will be enough to see any modification.

The WebUI sources are in the statics folder of the Skydive sources.