Latest Skydive binary

A binary is built after each modification to the master branch. The latest binary can be found here :

Grafana datasource

Skydive provides a datasource plugin for Grafana. It allows to get Skydive interface and flow metrics as Grafana datasource.

The Skydive datasource can be found in the plugins list :

The sources of this plugin are here :

Skydive flow matrix

Skydive flow matrix is a Python tool leveraging Skydive API to build a flow matrix for services running on one or multiple hosts.

Skydive puppet modules

Skydive can be deployed using Puppet module available here :

Skydive shell written in python supporting completion

“A Shell to bring completion on Skydive Gremlin Queries”

IBM’s resources

Some resources from IBM mainly focused on Kubernetes and Istio deployments.